Приказују се постови за 2016

My 5 Special Posts for Christmas and New Year♥

Hey guys

Christmas and New Year are around the corner and i decided to make my 5 special posts including recipes, diy, my top 5 books you should read, my top 5 youtubers(you should totally check out) and for my last post of this year is gonna be Goodbye 2016!

I hope you guys are excited for my 5 posts and if you could join my blog that would be awesome, i'm still new to all this and i hope to open a youtube channel.

That is all i have for you guys today hope you enjoyed and i love youuu♥♥♥♥

Real talk before Christmas and New Year

Hey guys i`m really excited for this time of the year cuzz guess whatt....Its freakin time for christmas diy, christmas talk and saying goodbye to this year and to all bad and good that has happend in this 2016. This year for me is was the worst...kinda. I mean don`t get me wrong but bad stuff happend more than the good stuff. Too many people died that is the worst thing in this year. So many celebrities, family, friends, people you know, and i don`t know why is that. But also in this year i learned to love myself more and respect my wishes more than someone elses. Don`t think that you are the only one who is struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, hating everything cuz you are mad, feeling like you don`t belong to this world, don`t EVER think that. Beacuse you are here with a reason. You are not on this world to be hated, and if there is someone that hate you and is making fun of you f them. You should watch how to improve yourself never change for someone, just improve, your though…

American pancakes


For the weekend i was thinking what to eat for breakfast, and i got an idea.....pancakessss♥♥♥

Here is a quick recipe for pancakes:

You need

2 eggs
2 table spoons of sugar
250ml of yougurt
50gr butter (melted)
1 glass of flour
Vanilla extract
Baking powder

How you make it:
 Separate whites from yolf in two bowls. For yolk take a bigger bowl cause in it you are gonna make the mixture. Take 1 spoon of sugar and put it in the bowl with whites and mix it, and the other spoon of sugar put in yolk and mix it. In the yolk add vanilla extract, yougurt and melted butter. Mix that up and add baking powder and flour. Mix that all up and there you have the mixture. Now you just put it in fry pan on medium heat. You can put on them nutella, honey, greek yougurt, fruits or anything else you like.

Hope you enjoyed making theese and if you did be sure to tweet me @OfficialSasha24

Love y'allllll ♥♥♥♥

DIY Phone Case ♥

Hi guys! I hope you are having a great monday, since it's school day♥
To get your mind off of school here is easy DIY for your phone case♥


You will need transparent or white phone case, nail polish and/or acrilic paint and brushes.


First make a pattern with a circle. Then you will put the pattern where you want your plum to be. Now you paint over the pattern on your phone case and move it. If its not the color you want or looks little plain paint more. Now paint some hilts on top and let it dry. I you'd like you can draw cute faces on them, like i did.


And your phone case is done. Be sure to LET IT DRY properly cuz you don't wanna ruin your phone. The layer on top is completely opptional i added it because i thought it was cute. You can also do watermelons, bannanas, cherries... If you recreate this DIY be sure to tweet me at @SweetDreamK23
and i love you all so much see yaaa XOXO♥

I'm back!

Hi guys!
I was away for a whle, but i'm back now. I was fixing my life, liku you know when the life gets you and you feel weak and think you can't do anything...well that was me. I promise to write my blog as often as i can. There will be 3 days that i will be posting Monday, Wedensday and Saturday. I will do more diys and other fun stuff, as a matter of fact i'll be posting a DIY phone case.
But for now here are some songs that i've liked these days:

Hellooo blog world!!♥

Heyy everyone my name is Sasha and on this blog i'll be known as 24.
So a little bit about myself, i'm 16, i love red color and i love watching tv shows so much♥
I wanted to start this blog to help other teenagers like me if they have a problem in your life, if you need an advice or anything i'm here to help and also to have a lot of funnnn♥☺♪☺

This is photo of my favourite things:

Thanks for reading and getting to know me hope you enjoyed!♥