American pancakes


For the weekend i was thinking what to eat for breakfast, and i got an idea.....pancakessss♥♥♥

Here is a quick recipe for pancakes:

You need

2 eggs
2 table spoons of sugar
250ml of yougurt
50gr butter (melted)
1 glass of flour
Vanilla extract
Baking powder

How you make it:
 Separate whites from yolf in two bowls. For yolk take a bigger bowl cause in it you are gonna make the mixture. Take 1 spoon of sugar and put it in the bowl with whites and mix it, and the other spoon of sugar put in yolk and mix it. In the yolk add vanilla extract, yougurt and melted butter. Mix that up and add baking powder and flour. Mix that all up and there you have the mixture. Now you just put it in fry pan on medium heat. You can put on them nutella, honey, greek yougurt, fruits or anything else you like.

Hope you enjoyed making theese and if you did be sure to tweet me @OfficialSasha24

Love y'allllll ♥♥♥♥


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