Real talk before Christmas and New Year

Hey guys i`m really excited for this time of the year cuzz guess whatt....Its freakin time for christmas diy, christmas talk and saying goodbye to this year and to all bad and good that has happend in this 2016. This year for me is was the worst...kinda. I mean don`t get me wrong but bad stuff happend more than the good stuff. Too many people died that is the worst thing in this year. So many celebrities, family, friends, people you know, and i don`t know why is that. But also in this year i learned to love myself more and respect my wishes more than someone elses. Don`t think that you are the only one who is struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, hating everything cuz you are mad, feeling like you don`t belong to this world, don`t EVER think that. Beacuse you are here with a reason. You are not on this world to be hated, and if there is someone that hate you and is making fun of you f them. You should watch how to improve yourself never change for someone, just improve, your thoughts, thinking, style, whatever... And if you need someone to talk to or to pat you on the back I AM HERE. Maybe it would be weird to talk to a stranger about your problems but we can exchange tips on how to improve our ''talk'' with the world. So if you need me hit me up on twitter at @OfficialSasha24 and we can chat about it. And just to be clear:
I fully support LGBTQ+ community and i'm giving them all my support and love. If you think i would judge you because of that you are wrong. I support you and love you for who you are♥♥♥

I wrote this from my heart i hope it gets to you!♥

You can follow me on twitter @OfficialSasha24
And as always i love you, stay strong, and positive and see you in the next post!♥♥♥♥♥


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