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♥ Positive quotes ♥

"Be a good person, but don't waste your time to prove it."
"Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent."
"Worry about loving yourself, instead of idea other people loving you!"
"Focus on the good!"
"Don't look back- you're not going that way."
"Be proud of who you are, and not ashamed of how someone sees you."
"Don't ruin a good today by thinking about bad yesterday. Let it go."
"Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder."
"When it rains look for rainbow, when it's dark look for stars."
"Be somebody that makes everybody feel like somebody."
"Whoever is trying to bring you down, is already below you."

Are you alone?

Did you ever felt like you don't belong to this world, that you aren't good enough, that you are nothing?
I felt that too...
Every once in a while you feel rejected, sad, like you have no one, and you put up a sad song to complete the sadness that you're feeling, then you might cry or like me you can't cry because your tears have dried and you just... listen. You can be sad and cry because many reasons you are felling lonely, your parents fight, you broke up with someone, someone died.... there is plenty reasons why you cry, but remember this everyone is telling tomorrow will be better.... it won't, you might just forget about it until next problem arrives.
There is no solution to this, and some people might tell you "there are people with much bigger problems than you", and i'm not saying that's not true it is, but you think about yourself first which is totally fine. You might be the person with that big problem or not, but you have one thing i…

2 Cute DIYs ♥

Heyooooooooo what upppppppp......
So i was like on my computer scrolling and i got the idea of making a slime of course that failed and i tried again and it failed i don't know is it the glue or is it the laundry detergent but it failed (when i find a good recipe i will post it hereee ☺), so i decided to make a snow globe but not really, um it has glitter in it and its pretty but without figure in it (you can add if you want just glue it on the lid).
Ok so to make this you need:

1. A jar
2. A boiled and cool water
3. Glycerin
4. Glitter♥ or any other stars,hearts in mini shapes you'd like
The making:
You pour water in the jar and a 1-2 drops of glycerin(be careful not to add to much), then you add glitter,hearts,stars, or any other things you'd like. Close the jar real good then you shake ittttt! And watch beautiful colors and shapes that bring you joy. This is fun and easy diy.
Making the easiest slimmmmmmeeee♥☺♪♫
What you need:


You mix in bowl these two t…

DIY Unicorn Madness♥

Hey guys, i'm back with another diy, this is Unicorn Madness in a jar. Hope you enjoy!♥

What do you need:

2.Sahving foam
4.Laundry detergent
5.Food or any other color

Let's gooo:

1. Put in a bowl glue and shaving foam as much as you like and then stir. Then add a color and stir again, add laundry detergent and mix until its kinda liquidy.

2.Then you pour that in a jar and add sparkly colred glue on walls of a jar like this: 3.Add as many colors as you like, i added 3 and put a label on it:
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