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So i was like on my computer scrolling and i got the idea of making a slime of course that failed and i tried again and it failed i don't know is it the glue or is it the laundry detergent but it failed (when i find a good recipe i will post it hereee ☺), so i decided to make a snow globe but not really, um it has glitter in it and its pretty but without figure in it (you can add if you want just glue it on the lid).
Ok so to make this you need:

1. A jar
2. A boiled and cool water
3. Glycerin
4. Glitter♥ or any other stars,hearts in mini shapes you'd like

The making:

You pour water in the jar and a 1-2 drops of glycerin(be careful not to add to much), then you add glitter,hearts,stars, or any other things you'd like. Close the jar real good then you shake ittttt! And watch beautiful colors and shapes that bring you joy. This is fun and easy diy.

Making the easiest slimmmmmmeeee♥☺♪♫

What you need:


You mix in bowl these two together and thats a slime, you can add food coloring but not too much, and if its to thick add detergent and if its to liquidy add more flour.

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