Are you alone?

Did you ever felt like you don't belong to this world, that you aren't good enough, that you are nothing?
I felt that too...
Every once in a while you feel rejected, sad, like you have no one, and you put up a sad song to complete the sadness that you're feeling, then you might cry or like me you can't cry because your tears have dried and you just... listen. You can be sad and cry because many reasons you are felling lonely, your parents fight, you broke up with someone, someone died.... there is plenty reasons why you cry, but remember this everyone is telling tomorrow will be better.... it won't, you might just forget about it until next problem arrives.
There is no solution to this, and some people might tell you "there are people with much bigger problems than you", and i'm not saying that's not true it is, but you think about yourself first which is totally fine. You might be the person with that big problem or not, but you have one thing in common you are sad and have problems. So do i.
I just want to tell you that you are unique like everyone else, you should not be ashamed of yourself and you should love yourself no matter what, cause you are beautiful and I LOVE YOU♥


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