Приказују се постови за јул, 2017

Who are YOU?

Have you ever said "i want to be her/him, she/he is perfect." Well then, i have too, maybe too many times that i have become one part of everyone that i admire, maybe there is a little bit of me,  but trust me my self-confidence is based on music, my idols, characters that i like, books i read and all of everything else that has significant meaning to it. I am anxious, and i am sure most of you are too, and you are afraid of what people may say about you, will they laugh at you for being nice and honest... it depemds, you see when the person is spoiled is very likely mean to others just to get popular (i don't understand how), like why would people like if someone is fighting or insulting someone else, what is good in that, i mean you want to get attention but can you try FOR ONCE being YOU, real YOU or you are afraid of what will people say about you if you open up (mostly they are mean). If you want to be someone else is okay, but you should BE YOU and work on YOURSEL…